Only the highest quality sun-ripened fruits are selected for the making of Stauffenberg fine spirits. Be it cherries from Suebia or organic wild plums (‘zibärtle’) grown locally, apricots from the famed Vintschgau region or pears from southern Tyrol, to produce one bottle of superior spirits requires more than 30 pounds of fruit.


At the peek of ripeness, our fruits are delicately sorted by hand, cleaned, stemmed, cut up, and placed into vats for fermentation. Maintained at a stable temperature, the pulped fruit ferments naturally and slowly under cool conditions without the use of any additives. In the finest Swabian tradition, the fruity mash then undergoes not only one distillation but two through the gentle heat of an old-fashioned wood-burning stove. Meticulously divided, the ‘heads and tails’ of the batches are eliminated, leaving the most elegant portion to be bottled and aged accordingly.


After the arduous process of distilling, every good brandy requires patience and care. A smaller portion is aged in French oak barrels, while the larger batches mature in open glass demijohns long before being bottled. Over time, the spirit develops an intense bouquet, with both soft and surprising curves.


As a small private distillery, our exceptional brandies are produced in an extremely limited edition. Each bottle is hand-dipped into a special wax to seal off and preserve the natural aroma. True to the family tradition, Stauffenberg Edelbrand is a 100% pure distillate without the addition of any alcohol, sugar, artificial aromas or preservatives.