(Deutsch) Gurke 2017


(Deutsch) Holunder 2018


Red Beet


Rowan Berry 2015

It’s no mystery why the rowan berry is called “bird berry” in German: only the birds would dare swallow this bitter pill. Surprisingly, the “bird berry” spirit is a unique treat, and it’s medicinal to boot. Belly aches no more! Harvested after the first frost, we have a ton of fun collecting them locally. The neighbors think we are nuts.

Rowan Berry 2012

Alcohol (abv) 45 % vol.
Limited Edition 2012

Flasche: 0,35 l (142,86 EUR / 1,00 l)

50,00 EUR
(incl. 19,00 0% sales tax and plus Shipping)

Orange 2017